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Sumatra French Roast

dark roast

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Our darkest roast yet and we wanted to do it right! We chose to go with Sumatra as it holds up very well at this roast degree while still maintaining some great notes of dark chocolate, spice and earthy tones with a heavy body and smooth acidity.

We are currently using an Organic Sumatra Takengon Mandheling. This coffee comes from the Jagong Mill and surrounding family-owned farms located in the Takengon and Atu Lintang coffee region of Aceh province on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia.

With a French Roasted coffee, the bean's surface will take on more oils.  The longer the roasting process lasts, the darker the resulting bean and the more oily the bean will look. Coffee beans contain natural oils that escape from the bean’s interior once they pass a certain roast level. As the coffee bean’s structure breaks down under prolonged heat, it becomes more permeable, and the oils seep out to the surface.

Here are some tips for using our Sumatra French Roast:

  • Once you open the bag, it's best to use within 2 weeks
  • Keep the bag sealed well
  • I like to use lower temperature water when brewing, somewhere between 198 to 200 degrees
  • If I use a french press, I will pour all the coffee into a separate container after I plunge. Moving the brewed coffee from sitting in the grinds helps it not become over extracted.

Have fun and hope you enjoy our brew!


NOTES  Dark Chocolate, Spice, Earthy, Bold

ORIGIN: Indonesia


12 oz bag

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