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Bufflehead Espresso

Dark Roast

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There's a new duck in town! Introducing our Bufflehead Espresso: a blend of rich flavors and intense aromas!

Bufflehead Espresso offers a darker, more robust flavor profile than our beloved Wingbeat Espresso. Inspired by the tradition of Southern Italian roasts, Bufflehead Espresso delivers a full-bodied experience with a luxurious, heavy mouth-feel that will tantalize your taste buds and invigorate your senses.

Whether you're a seasoned espresso connoisseur or just starting your coffee journey, Bufflehead Espresso promises to satisfy your cravings for a rich and indulgent coffee experience. Perfect for mornings when you need a strong pick-me-up or evenings when you want to savor a moment of pure bliss. 

Here are some of our recommended settings for pulling some great espresso shots:


For 19 to 19.5 grams of ground beans in, you will want to get about 32 to 35 grams of liquid espresso out. Without a scale, this is approximately 1 oz of liquid. You will have to play with your grind to achieve these settings, starting with a finer grind and working your way coarser.

Water Temp:

We have been getting good results with temps between 199 to 203.

Hope these starting points are helpful to achieve an excellent espresso shot!

NOTES:  Dark Chocolate, Spice, Creamy

ORIGIN: Central/South America


12 oz bag

What is a Bufflehead?

Buffleheads are very small, compact ducks with large, rounded heads and short, wide bills. Pictured below is a female which will be gray-brown and a white cheek. The males will have more color and a large white patch that wraps around the head. Here are some more fun facts to read!

Bufflehead Female and Male

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