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Monsoon Malabar

Medium Roast

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We love having this coffee all year round. We wanted to continue with our current importer and have to wait for the new harvest. We should see it mid August. In the meantime, try one of our other coffees!


A very unique coffee from India. This is a Super Grade Monsooned Malabar that has undergone “Monsooning”, a processing method in which green coffee is exposed to the high-humidity conditions present during the monsoon season. Throughout this process, the coffee undergoes complex changes, unveiling new aromas and flavors.

I have been interested in this bean for years and started purchasing directly from a small family- owned company with reliable customer service and consistently high-quality product. Quality control is important with this bean: up to 40% of standard AA Grade Monsooned Malabar beans are partially monsooned, causing funky, fermented flavors that many palates find off-putting. Super Grade, fully-monsooned beans, by contrast, deliver only desirable attributes: high body, low acidity, and a mellow, pleasant, earthy flavor in drip coffee along with a sugary sweet flavor in espresso.

 Here is how I play around with this lovey coffee:

  • I allow the beans to rest  3 to 4 days after roasting to increase its flavor complexity. 
  • I use a ratio of 16:1 for drip, e.g.. 300g of water to 18g of coffee
  • My favorite preparation is  a SO (Single Origin) Espresso, boasting lots of crema, a heavy body, and creamy. I start with 18g of ground bean and adjust  up to about 19g after about a week. For this preparation, I aim for about 30 second pull and 32g shot.

NOTES  spice, nut, slight smokiness, bakers chocolate
, creamy, earthy



12 oz bag

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