Monsoon Malabar

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A very unique coffee from India. This is a Super Grade Monsooned Malabar that has undergone “Monsooning”, a processing method in which green coffee is exposed to the high-humidity conditions present during the monsoon season. Throughout this process, the coffee undergoes complex changes, unveiling new aromas and flavors.

I have been interested in this bean for years and started purchasing directly from a small family- owned company with reliable customer service and consistently high-quality product. Quality control is important with this bean: up to 40% of standard AA Grade Monsooned Malabar beans are partially monsooned, causing funky, fermented flavors that many palates find off-putting. Super Grade, fully-monsooned beans, by contrast, deliver only desirable attributes: high body, low acidity, and a mellow, pleasant, earthy flavor in drip coffee along with a sugary sweet flavor in espresso.

 Here is how I play around with this lovey coffee:

  • I allow the beans to rest  3 to 4 days after roasting to increase its flavor complexity. 
  • I use a ratio of 16:1 for drip, e.g.. 300g of water to 18g of coffee
  • My favorite preparation is  a SO (Single Origin) Espresso, boasting lots of crema, a heavy body, and creamy. I start with 18g of ground bean and adjust  up to about 19g after about a week. For this preparation, I aim for about 30 second pull and 32g shot.

NOTES  spice, nut, slight smokiness, bakers chocolate
, creamy, earthy



12 oz bag

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