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Mexico Nayarit - Natural Anaerobic Process

Light Roast

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Diving into Flavor: Exploring Mexico's Natural Anaerobic Coffee Process – A Quack-tastic Brew Experience!

Introducing our latest coffee gem – the Mexico Nayarit Natural Anaerobic Process. This exquisite addition to our product line is a testament to the artistry of coffee cultivation in the picturesque region of Nayarit, Mexico. If you find yourself yearning for warmth this offering beckons as a beacon of aromatic delight.

Nestled between the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains and the Pacific Ocean, Nayarit boasts a unique microclimate that sets the stage for the extraordinary flavors found in this coffee. What makes it truly exceptional is the meticulous anaerobic processing method employed by dedicated farmers.

In this innovative process, the coffee cherries are carefully fermented in the absence of oxygen, enhancing the natural sugars and intensifying the fruity notes within the beans. The result is a cup that dances on the palate, offering delicious flavors and lingering sweetness.

As you savor each sip, you'll be transported to the sun-kissed slopes of Nayarit, where every step of the journey – from cultivation to your cup – is a celebration of the rich coffee heritage that defines this region. Indulge in the essence of Mexico Nayarit Natural Anaerobic Process, a sensory experience that transcends the ordinary and invites you to explore the extraordinary.

Serving in both: 12 oz bags and 8 oz bags!

NOTES: Raspberry, Plum, Honey

REGION: Nayarit, Mexico


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