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Kenya Lenana

Light Roast

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This is the first Kenya we have offered and it doesn't disappoint! The coffee is also our first of a few to come that are light roasted. Having a medium body and bright acidity, the flavors change as the coffee cools in your cup.

Our base notes have been Black Cherry, Vanilla and Raisin with a nice finish in the mouth. As it cools, we have tasted some maple syrup and brown sugar. 

We hope you will give this nice light roast a try and enjoy this fun lively coffee!


NOTES  Black Cherry, Vanilla, Raisin

ORIGIN: Mt. Kenya, Kenya


12 oz bag


About the Coffee

Lenana, often referred to as Point Lenana, is a side peak of Mt. Kenya. This coffee was grown by smallholders - with an average of 200 trees each - who delivered their

freshly picked ripe cherries to cooperative wet mills. The cherries were subsequently disc pulped, fully fermented, washed and sundried on elevated drying tables.


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